Detail of "Friday" by Michael Whelan. Original 20" x 30", Acrylics, Del Ray Books, 1983.

Michael Whelan's Rendition of Robert A Heinlein's "Friday"

Robert Heinlein does create memorable characters! Not even half way through this book I had a nearly photographic image of Friday in my mind. By the time I was finished reading I felt confident about the substance and approach my painting would have. It is Friday's character that dominates the story; I felt, then, that Friday front and center should dominate the cover. The attendant details support her and hint at these other aspects: the planet where she settles down in the end (the center of which is at her heart), the egg shaped window (motherhood), and, of course, the zipper pulls (her vibrant sexuality). (P.2, Michael Whelan's Works of Wonder)

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