The highest possible standard is human -- Robert G. Ingersoll

EFF Blue Ribbon Humanism is the philosophy that human interests and human values -- without beliefs in the supernatural -- are sufficient for living the good life. The Undernet #Humanism channel has been an outpost for secular fellowship on IRC since 1996.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) that pop up in #Humanism.

Humanism Quotes

Here is a Collection of Quotes from various thinkers and authors that sum up or exemplify humanist ideals


We check the Links Page for dead URLs every 5 years, whether it needs it or not!. And if you are really daring, you might check out the URL Log from the channel itself.

OPs & Regulars List

Check out the Rogues Gallery for an index of the OPs and regulars who frequent #Humanism, complete with pictures, links and short bios. We also keep track of how they misbehave on the channel stats page.

Friday's Page

#Humanism's Channel bot "Friday" - reincarnated yet again - is back on the job. Friday's page contains info on the bot, and perhaps even some partial nudity. Friday is getting some help these days from Dilbot. Dilbot is too lame to have his own page.

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