newlook's #Humanism FAQ

The #Humanism channel is a place for humanists and their friends to meet and chat without having to defend or justify their beliefs.
Humanism is a secular ethical philosophy which values people, emphasizes reason, and focuses on the world in which we live.
No. Many people believe that values are given or imposed by god(s) and that the good life is defined mostly by obedience to the god(s). The central question for non-humanists is "What does God want us to do?" instead of "What do human beings want and need?"
Yes. Religious humanists believe that the primary purpose of religion is to serve human needs, not to serve god(s). They may or may not believe that god(s) exists, but they agree that religion can be a positive institution that promotes community and personal growth.
Secular humanists are nonbelievers in god(s). They think that religion answers important questions in the wrong way -- by making unsupported claims. Although the tenets of a particular religion may be morally positive or factually correct, secular humanists worry that trust in religious authority comes at the expense of the freedom to criticize and think for ourselves.
People talk about many things: their lives, politics, news, philosophy, books, movies, cool Web sites, and so on. One topic, however, may annoy some of the channel regulars: atheist-theist debate.
Respect for free speech does not mean that every forum must accommodate every topic. Part of this channel's reason for being created was that #atheism is often dominated by proselytizers and their opponents. These debates may be good practice for the participants, but they rarely change anyone's opinion and can crowd out calmer and friendlier conversations. Those who want atheist-theist debates can go to #atheism, debate one-on-one via DCC chats, or start their own channels.
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This page was last modified on Apr 26th, 2018